Mental Mistakes are Preventable

As we start the new year, many of us have set resolutions to improve our games in 2014. But one fact that we all forget is this--we will hit bad shots. This is true and unavoidable. Obviously, you can improve your fundamentals to reduce the quantity and improve the quality of those bad shots, but you can never eliminate them entirely. But the mental mistakes made on the golf course are 100% preventable. Here are some things that we all do that are completely avoidable.

• Playing a shot in haste. Slow play is a curse on all of, but we can play quickly and still be prepared for each shot.
• Not having a plan for each shot. Think it through--before every swing.
• Indecision--this is the killer of all golf shots. Once you make your plan, execute.
• Attempting to hit a shot that you haven't practiced or are not comfortable with. The other side of this coin to to think ahead and play away from these types of situations as well. If you struggle with bunker shots, don't aim for a pin tucked behind one.
• Attempting a high risk, low reward shot. Just because you have pulled off a difficult shot in the past, doesn't mean you can do it on a regular basis. Sometimes, the punch-out or lay-up is the play that will get you the lowest score.

And the list goes on. These are all completely preventable. There's no reason to do this going forward. Let's resolve to drop the mental mistakes this year.

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Happy New Year!
Brant Kasbohm, PGA
Director of Instruction