Reviews and Testimonials

Site is easy to navigate, and my questions before and after the golf lesson were answered quickly.


I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, I've learned more about my swing in that 8 minute and 39 second video than from anyone, pro or otherwise, who has looked at my swing before. And when I take into consideration it took me no more than $20 and a few minutes to video my swing, is a no-brainer.

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Chris Chirico, GolfStinks Blog

What I like about this most is I have it forever. I have taken lessons in the past but I have never been given the video so I can see it whenever I want. Now, I can video myself in a few months and see if I have corrected anything. I can go back to the video and see if there is something I missed or something else my pro says I should be doing. It's very helpful to have on file.

WAM Golf has really helped improve my golf game. I'm much more consistent, and have cured my slice. is easy to use, and the response was faster than expected.

RB--Wisconsin really helped me to learn the basics of the swing. My husband wanted to teach me, but it didn't seem to be working, and it lead to a lot of heated discussions between us. The website is easy to use, and they respond to my questions in between lessons very quickly. saved my marriage. (Not quite, but it certainly helped!)


Our daughter wanted to keep playing golf during the winter, and really helped to keep her sharp during the winter months.


The gals in my regular foursome took turns recording each other's swings. It only took a few minutes to record everyone. Sent it in, and the next day we got the analysis videos back. Easy and affordable way to help us beat our husbands, and much better than listening to their so-called 'tips'!

JT--New York