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Easy, affordable, and proven–all of our video golf lessons are provided by experienced instructors and backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. It’s fast and simple–just send in a video of your swing and we analyze it using our state-of-the-art software. Within 48 hours you’ll receive a complete analysis of your swing along with tips and drills to help you improve. Since 2010, has helped hundreds of students from the USA to Sweden to New Zealand and everywhere in between. Click Get Started to begin and click HERE for reviews.

software screen shot
Screen shot of actual lesson.

For Players of All Skill Levels offers fast, easy, and personalized golf instruction for all players. More affordable than face-to-face lessons and more personalized than tips from the Internet, books or TV, we focus on the core fundamentals proven to improve your game.

State-of-the-Art Analysis

Our state-of-the-art video analysis software (screen shot from actual video lesson is above) allows for slow motion viewing, frame by frame analysis, and side-by-side comparison to other swings.

Why Choose

ConvenienceFilm your swing anywhere, anytime, in any season–even in your backyard, basement, or office.
CostIndividual video lessons are $25 each a series of five golf lessons is $75. The average price of a traditional golf lesson is $80. Where else can you get a complete golf lesson for less than the price of a dozen balls?
PersonalEvery video is evaluated by an experienced golf instructor and you receive personalized, specific instruction & drills, not impersonal tips from magazines, Internet, books, and TV.
ConfidentialNo personal information is required and we don’t sell your data. Avoid the stage fright and embarrassment of swinging in front of the instructor.
QualityA focus on the core fundamentals (grip, posture, alignment, pivot, and acceleration) provides a solid foundation for improvement. has a library of videos and photos demonstrating simple and effective drills and practice techniques. These are included with each lesson and explained in the analysis you receive. No gimmicks, quirky drills, or fads involved in‘s teaching methods. We will not sell you anything else, just provide quality golf instruction at an affordable price.
It's EasyNo sophisticated or expensive camera equipment is required. We can accept videos from any camera or phone. has been improving swings since 2010. Video provides clear cut proof of improvement. Click Get Started to begin. Students are Everywhere!

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