About FixYourGame.com

Brant Kasbohm, Director of Instruction, FixYourGame.com

FixYourGame.com’s mission is best described in its name: to Fix Your Game–easily, conveniently, and without costing a fortune.

FixYourGame.com’s Director of Instruction is Brant Kasbohm.

Mr. Kasbohm’s instruction philosophy focuses on the core fundamentals of grip, posture, alignment, weight transfer, and acceleration. These fundamentals are not sexy or exciting, but provide a solid foundation for a repeatable golf swing. FixYourGame.com does not subscribe to the latest fad teaching methods, quirky drills & practice techniques, one-size-fits-all philosophies, or any other gimmicks. Just proven instruction based on the fundamentals. To see reviews of Mr. Kasbohm’s & FixYourGame.com‘s instruction, click HERE.

Mr. Kasbohm is a graduate of the Professional Golf Management Program at Ferris State University, and has been a teaching professional since 2000. He has worked at a number of prestigious public and private golf facilities in the Midwest, conducting hundreds of group and individual golf lessons to players of all ages and skill levels. Mr. Kasbohm has been on the forefront of online golf instruction since the launch of www.FixYourGame.com in 2010. Mr. Kasbohm is currently unaffiliated with any golf facility, equipment company or media, so the instruction is unbiased and focused solely on your improvement. He lives in Madison, WI with his wife Kristie, son Mark, and daughter Ronnie. You can email Mr. Kasbohm via the Contact page.