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Step 1:Film a short video of your swing or specific part of your game that you want fixed. Below are example videos and tips for filming your swing to maximize success. Most file types are accepted.
Step 2: Complete the Student Info Form on the Get Started page. After submitting the form, you’ll then be directed to our Rates where you checkout securely via PayPal. You can purchase lessons without uploading videos and vice versa.
Step 3:Your videos will be evaluated by an experienced instructor using state-of-the-art video analysis software. Within 48 hours, you will be notified by email when your lesson is ready with instructions on how to log in to to view the lesson.

Video Tips to Maximize the Effectiveness of

  • Video your swing or putting stroke from two angles, one from behind the player (down the target line), and one facing the player (perpendicular to the target line).
  • Get a close up shot of the grip.
  • Hit 3-4 shots from each angle, using a mid iron unless there is a specific club that you want to work on.
  • You do not have to be at a driving range course, you can video your swing hitting practice balls in your yard if desired! Be sure to video your swing while hitting a ball-not just a practice swing.
  • Use a tripod if available. Tripods are not required but do provide for a more stable video.
  • Videos do not have to be more than 2-3 minutes in length.
  • It is not necessary to record in High Definition. HD files are very large and can make upload and transfers difficult. If your camera has a slow-motion or high-speed setting, that is preferable to High Definition.
  • Zoom in so that the student takes up the entire frame to avoid pixelation.
  • All common video files are supported.


The above videos are examples of actual video submissions. The videos were then analyzed by an experienced instructor at and below is the swing analysis video returned to the customer as part of the video golf lesson, along with a written analysis with tips & drills. (For the below video, be sure to have the volume up to hear the lesson.

To view actual lessons you can log in to on the left side of this page using:

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