Matt Olson-05/26/2013


Thanks again for sending in your videos to Last time we talked about getting in to a better posture and focusing more on rotating your torso in the swing vs. lifting up and coming out of your posture.

Your posture looks improved, but we still need to work on making a better rotation and not standing up out of your posture on the backswing. You are tilted forward a bit too much at the address position. So if we start the swing in a taller posture, that should help us from moving to that taller posture during the swing. Make sense? As part of today’s lesson, I’d like you to go back and look and look at our first lesson, especially the part about standing up out of your posture. If you haven’t looked at or practiced the YouTube drills, now would be a good time to do that.

Also, we have work on improving your alignment. Your feet, hips, and shoulders should all be aligned parallel to your target line. Note that I said parallel to the target line, and not at the target. There is a difference. Since we are not standing directly on the target line we have to line up parallel to that line. If your feet, hips and shoulders and pointed at the target, you’re actually aimed to the right of it. Does this make sense? One simple technique to help improve your alignment is to pick an intermediate target, and that is described here:

Your lesson video is below:

Thanks again for sending in your videos. If you have questions, please email me at

Brant Kasbohm
Director of Instruction