My experience with Brant at has exceeded all of my expectations. After many years attempting to hone my game I was stuck on a handicap of 14 and very rarely breaking it. I had tried several golf coaches and some different methods that I found on the internet and in magazines. I initially decided to give a try because it was so cheap compared to a half hour lesson with a pro. Figuring I had nothing to loose, I signed up and uploaded my videos. I was impressed at the quick turnaround and had my completed lesson ready to watch within 2 days, as has been my experience with the 10 or so videos I have submitted since. My results have been impressive so far, which I have achieved through a combination of guidance from Brant, and hard work on my part. My practice sessions are more rewarding now with the knowledge I’m working on the right moves, rather than my old method of bashing balls downrange in the hope I might stumble across the answers. My handicap has dropped from 14 to 9 in six months working with Brant and I am finally breaking 80, something I never believed I would do. Seeing how my swing has improved on video compared with the older footage is a real motivator.

I immediately took to Brant’s teaching style. Having the swing depicted in front of me with an example of the correct moves clearly illustrates the problem areas and the benchmark to work towards. I found it much easier to understand my swing flaws is this way compared with the confusion of having a golf pro move my body into the “correct” positions and try to explain my issues in words. Brant provides simple and logical instruction, based on the proven fundamentals of the correct golf swing. His lessons are simple and focus on the key faults initially, and evolve onto other issues over time. I responded to this approach as I was able to focus on one or two moves at a time, practice and ingrain them and then move on. I found this to be a more progressive pathway to improvement, rather than the confusion that comes through trying to understand and accomplish a number of new movements all at once. It’s also helpful to be able to review the lessons as many times as I need and digest the learning points in my own time. This contrasts the feeling of trying to cram in all the information in a half hour session with a pro.

I’ve come to realize there is no panacea when it comes to improvement in golf. Progress comes through sound instruction and hard work. Although different people respond to different teaching methods, certainly works for me.

CB – Australia

Thanks Brant, I thought your lesson was excellent. In many ways I prefer this format to spending time with an instructor as I can absorb the information at my own pace. I’m glad to hear you are happy with my setup as I have been working on getting that right. Your analysis was great. I’ve been feeling there was a problem with my backswing and downswing for a while, but couldn’t pin point the problem. Your video made it really clear to me where the problem is. Consistency is what I seek above all so it’s clear that improving that pivot and maintaining spine angle will be key for me. I’m going to work hard on the pivot and weight transfer issues you mentioned and will send you some more footage in a week or so.

Thanks again on a great lesson.


The lesson was great! I’m talking it up at work and with my golfing buddies. The real power I experienced is it’s the first time I was able to get a visual objective as well as tailored visual exercises I can fall back on over and over. Regular lessons you have to rely on the pro’s verbal and physical cues; however I found out by revelation w/ your videos I wasn’t aiming correctly at the right target.


“The lessons helped more than you may think. Whenever I feel I’m slipping back into my old habits (poor posture, not enough hip turn, standing too close to the ball, thinking too much about back swing positions) I simply go back to those lessons and straighten myself out – it doesn’t take long either.”


Great review from The Bridie Hunt blog. Check it out here:…

The Birdie Hunt

“Hi Brant, thanks so much for following up with me. Your lesson has been a big help so far, I played at a regulation course a few weeks ago and scored 111. That may not sound like a big improvement, but a month ago that score would have been a 125+.”

JM–New York

“Prior to this, my biggest misses were weak fades/slices and pulls. I’ve also increased the distance I can hit a ball by one club. I play for a draw now on almost every shot and am to the point that if it doesn’t draw, I’m kind of surprised. After years of slicing and pulling, I was close to tears of joy when I began to be able to hit a draw. All of those years of frustration might finally be over!!!”


Great review on Three Guys Golf Blog today. Highlights include “I would have paid $100 for this tip but the lessons are only $20 . . . are you kidding me? You can’t get a lesson from the groundskeeper for $20. I don’t care if you never use an ounce of Brant’s advice, it is worth $20 for someone to talk about your swing for ten minutes. Seriously, we all know there is no silver bullet to fixing a golf swing, but understanding your swing is the first step in making progress. The club just goes too fast for us to know what is going on. Until you actually see yourself in stop action, you are just guessing.” Check the full review out here:

Three Guys Golf Blog

Thanks for all the help and making golf that much more entertaining for me and my dad.


“What I really appreciated about Brant’s approach was not a wholesale start over; confuse you with too many technical details, but just a couple of simple tweaks for improvement. It worked too.” More here:

Independent Golf Reviews

Thanks for the great analysis. Your observations on my inconsistent ball striking are spot on.


The lesson was definitely helpful. I shot a 78 last week, which bests my all time by one stroke, and is only the second time I have broken 80. I’ll definitely spread the word about your business.

JM–Alberta, Canada

Thanks for the analysis and lesson. It was a revelation being told about my spine angle at impact, something I had not been told of before.

PN–New York

Hi Brant, Yes I received the lesson and I must say I was very surprised!!! I was wondering whether an online lesson would actually work, as I was unsure about the whole process. It was fantastic and even felt extremely personal as does a one on one lesson. The visual was spot on!

Jasen Jackiw

I would recommend checking out Brant’s site as his lessons are straightforward, reasonably priced, and professionally presented.

Nick Chertock–

It’s a genius idea, really. It’s called You simply video yourself from a couple of angles (no fancy camera needed), upload the files, and wait no longer than 48 hours — usually it’s less than 24 — for your analysis. What you get is a video that includes analysis from a 10-year member of the PGA. The analysis is focused on you and your swing.

I really like the design of the new site – very easy to navigate. You may be interested to know that my own game continues to progress. I broke my personal record of 75 on my home course here in Baton Rouge (Howell Park G.C.) last week with a 73!


I am VERY impressed with the speed and quality of your services.


Now I know what you’re thinking – “How can you get a legitimate golf lesson on the internet?” I’ll tell you how – quickly, easily, efficiently and inexpensively – that’s how. And that’s exactly what I found in my experience with

Read more HERE.

Chris Chirico, Golfstinks Blog

After trying out their video analysis service, run by PGA instructor Brant Kasbohm, I was amazed at how easy it was to use and at the professional level of advice that was provided.

This is an excellent and economical alternative to golf lessons, which tend to get pretty expensive. Next time you’re at the driving range or on the golf course, simply video tape your swing (virtually any camera will do) and send it in to Within 48 hours, you’ll get a response detailing Brant’s expert opinion on things that you can work on.

Read more HERE.

Eat Sleep Golf

And, the lesson is cost effective. Most golf lessons cost close to $100 for a video analysis of your golf swing. Fix Your Game charges $19.95 for their service. With that price there is no reason not to try Fix Your Game.

More 4 Mom’s Buck Blog

Being a beginner, I get nervous swinging in front of other people. My husband filmed my swing and sent in the video, and now no more whiffs!


As a high school golf coach in a small town, we don’t have access to many options for golf lessons, especially from PGA Professionals. I was able to film the swing of each of my kids during practice after school on Friday, and we received all of the analyses before Monday morning. Great way to start the golf season!


If my buddies knew I was taking video golf lessons, I would never hear the end of it. I hope they don’t find out about

BT–South Carolina

Very affordable way to improve your golf game!


Site is easy to navigate, and my questions before and after the golf lesson were answered quickly.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, I’ve learned more about my swing in that 8 minute and 39 second video than from anyone, pro or otherwise, who has looked at my swing before. And when I take into consideration it took me no more than $20 and a few minutes to video my swing, is a no-brainer.

Read more HERE.

Chris Chirico, GolfStinks Blog

What I like about this most is I have it forever. I have taken lessons in the past but I have never been given the video so I can see it whenever I want. Now, I can video myself in a few months and see if I have corrected anything. I can go back to the video and see if there is something I missed or something else my pro says I should be doing. It’s very helpful to have on file.

WAM Golf has really helped improve my golf game. I’m much more consistent, and have cured my slice. is easy to use, and the response was faster than expected.

RB–Wisconsin really helped me to learn the basics of the swing. My husband wanted to teach me, but it didn’t seem to be working, and it lead to a lot of heated discussions between us. The website is easy to use, and they respond to my questions in between lessons very quickly. saved my marriage. (Not quite, but it certainly helped!)


Our daughter wanted to keep playing golf during the winter, and really helped to keep her sharp during the winter months.


The gals in my regular foursome took turns recording each other’s swings. It only took a few minutes to record everyone. Sent it in, and the next day we got the analysis videos back. Easy and affordable way to help us beat our husbands, and much better than listening to their so-called ‘tips’!

JT–New York